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Colorado Springs small business owners. Question.

What if you could boost your SEO ranking, increase your professional expertise in the eyes of your customers, and develop your brand in just over an hour?

You can.

Right now, I'm offering to meet with Colorado Springs small business owners for one-on-one blogging interviews.


You're the expert of your business, hands down. You've been in your industry for years and while there's still room to build your business, you know what you're doing. No one's doubting that.


But when if comes to writing web content, you're in a tough spot. Are you really going to have some stranger internet freelancer write about your customers' needs? Yeah right! Are you going to hire a full-time writer? Seems unnecessary and time consuming. Oh, so you'll do it yourself. 

But you're not a writer...

But you don't have time...

But you can't come up with good ideas...

Great! That means you need a blogging interview.

During a blogging interview you will sit down with me, TJ Neathery, for just over an hour. I'm a marketing professional with a Master's in Creative Writing and experience writing interview features. I'm also a pretty pleasant guy, which means it won't feel like an hour (fingers crossed).


Ideally, we'll get coffee. You'll tell me about your clients' biggest, most common problems. You'll tell me how you solve those problems. Not how the other guy down the street does it, but the way you solve problems. You might mention your greatest success. You might mention what you learned from your greatest failure. You and I will get to know each other and have a good time. 


Then you'll go home. 

Plus, you'll get to drink coffee. Did I mention coffee?

Then one week later you'll open your inbox and find...

TJ Neathery CEO Best and Niche


These blog posts will be:​

  • SEO optimized based on keywords we decide on beforehand

  • Between 500-800 words

  • Tailored toward specific Calls to Action

  • Sharable on your website, social media, and email campaigns

  • Paired with at least one royalty-free image

And there you go! You're now three steps closer to boosting your SEO ranking, increasing your professional expertise in the eyes of your customers, and developing your brand.

Here's the deal. You get three, personalized, SEO-ready content marketing pieces for just $189 and a few backlinks to this site.

Sound Good?

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