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Product Descriptions and Google Ads

for a Niche, Camera Accessory Company

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"... that same dedication to lifelong apprenticeship."

Best & Niche Marketing wrote targeted product descriptions for Artisan Obscura. Artisan Obscura makes camera accessories for photography pros who want to spoil their cameras. The web copy needed to convey that tone. That's why we went for more flowery descriptions that emphasized aesthetic and artistic lifestyle.


Does your small business brand reach all the way down to individual product descriptions? If not, you might consider adding your own, unique flavor.

Check out more example descriptions below.

Google Ads
Artisan Google Ads.png

Google Ads results

Best & Niche Marketing set up and optimized Artisan Obscura's Google Ads accounts. We built search, display, and shopping campaigns so that potential customers would see products no matter their device or platform.


Take a look at the Search Campaign interaction rates on the left. Did you know that the average interaction rate for Google ads is 2%?


As a small business owner, you can't afford to miss customers who are directly searching for your product or service. Most Google Ads users are at their keyboards, wallets out, hoping to buy the very thing they're searching for.

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