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Content marketing that brands and engages

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Entrust's public image needed a facelift and new email subscribers. Donors and supporters often asked, "So what does Entrust do?" Entrust is a frontrunner in faith-based leadership training. But clearly, Entrust's public image wasn't getting that across.

Our remedy. Content marketing.

We wrote and designed a free pdf that could be downloaded after subscribing to our email list. The pdf was fun and colorful and provided three helpful tips for guiding small group discussion.

There were two purposes driving this pdf. One, the pdf led website visitors to the conversion funnel. Entrust main product offerings are training intensives that give participants tools and models for leading small group discussions. The pdf drew on core learning models and gave newcomers a practical taste of what Entrust does. Then we added a call to action leading them to more information on full trainings.

Plus, the pdf offer branded Entrust on a larger scale. The pdf showed that Entrust was willing to provide value to site visitors without asking much in return. It built trust with our audience and started the relationship on a good foot.

See the pdf below or see the site's sign-up form.


Did this advice help your marketing? Did your test results turn out differently than ours? Let the rest of us know by posting a comment below! Really, I’m curious.

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