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To all the small business owners marketing yourselves in Colorado Springs...

You don't have to be a flashy marketing whiz to be successful. You don't have to be a screaming Youtube guru to make a decent living. You don't have to drive a Ferrari to help other people pursue their passions. You don't have to dress like this guy (unless you want to).

Marketing Strategist Trying to be cool
That denim flower is looking fly tho.

I've heard Colorado Springs described as the largest small town in America. I agree. It seems like you're always one friend away from everyone. And in small towns, it's hard work and integrity and get you clients. Word of mouth spreads and if you do good work, people will want to hire you.

This isn't meant to put down the hustlers, the inspirers, the go-getters. I'm so grateful for how they get me off my butt and push me to work harder and work better. But that's only one side of marketing. Marketing requires strategists, and content writers, and editors, and analysts who spend most of their working hours at their computers creating. That's who I am at least. I'm a strategists and a writer. Not a social media influencer in the typical sense.

And you know, Colorado Springs isn't a flashy town. We're not LA. We're not Paris. Maybe we could use a little more flash now and again, but let's make sure we do it with sincerity.

Quick question, what kind of marketer are you? Let me know in the comments.


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Really, I’m curious.

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