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Content Strategy and SEO for Colorado Springs Small Businesses - Free Website Check up

TJ Neathery B&W CEO Headshot Best and Ni

You are the expert of your business. Hands down. You've been in your industry for years and while there's still room to build your business, you know what you're doing. No one's doubting that. Even if you've just started, you're bringing the passion and vision to your business.


But when if comes to writing website content (product descriptions, SEO blog content, landing pages, etc.)  you're in a tough spot. Are you really going to have some stranger internet freelancer write about your customers' needs? Yeah right! Are you going to hire a full-time writer? Seems unnecessary and time consuming.


Oh, so you'll do it yourself. 

But you're not a writer...

But you don't have time...

But you can't come up with good ideas...

Great! That means you need a free, one-on-one website content audit.

It's pretty simple. I comb through your website looking for ways to improve your message and written content. Customers find your business through search. And visitors become buyers after reading your content.


So let me ask you, "Are you telling a story? Are you empathizing with your audience?" I can help you answer these questions.

I also use Moz to complete SEO reports. Moz is the top SEO review platform in the business.

Look, if I were your mom, I'd tell you to research other agencies. But when you do that and you see all the cluttered pages and corporate stock photos, remember Best and Niche. Remember TJ Neathery, the guy with a Master's Degree in Writing and who actually meets with his clients. (Here's a picture).

What do you get in a website audit?

  • SEO report showing how your site ranks for different search terms

  • Story report analyzing how your brand fits in with the customer sales journey

  • One suggestion for improving website engagement and conversions

What do I want from you?

Simple. We sit down face-to-face at a local coffee shop so I can give you my findings. I won't email them to you. I won't snail mail them to you. We have to meet face to face. 

After that, there's no more commitment from you.


Last question. Are you ready to upgrade your website content and make more sales?


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