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Let's Start Making Friends

I've met many business owners and I would say that 90% are GREAT at what they do. I bet you are, too.

What's also true is that business owners don't do everything. They can't (and shouldn't)!

My clients include professional speakers, life coaches, and strategy consultants. They don't have the bandwidth or interest in creating blogs, email campaigns, and lead generating pdfs.


They're successful because they're focused on building their unique businesses.

However, content marketing is a requirement for every business with a digital presence. You need to establish your expertise and personality.

While you're out changing lives and developing your next big product, let me make new friends for your brand. Then see your impact grow exponentially through warm leads and conversions.

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What Best and Niche Does


"Making friends" sound like fluff. But in fact, it's backed by tried-and true content marketing services. These deliverables include:

  • Blogging

  • Email Marketing

  • Lead Funnels

  • Repurposed Content

  • Content Audits

What Best and Niche Doesn't Do

To be clear, I work with medium-to long form content. I don't execute on social media, website design, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or video production.


If you're looking for these services (in addition to my content marketing services), check out Live Your Truth Media. I partner with the Live Your Truth team for comprehensive, full-stack marketing, and we're always looking for new projects!​

3 Key Benefits

What do clients like most about Best and Niche's content services? Clients consistently appreciate receiving:

  • A deeper understanding of their customers and what draws them to their brands.

  • Lead generating content that will last for years (unlike most social media posts).

  • Peace of mind knowing they don't have to scramble to write or brainstorm next week's blog post.


Use the form below to tell me about your company and how you imagine developing your content strategy. If this is our first interaction, then I also want to offer you a free 45-minute consultation call!


For comprehensive full-service marketing that includes...


  • Social media

  • Podcast production

  • Online courses 

  • Video production

  • Pay-per-click ads

then please mention this in your email and I will include my partners at Live Your Truth Media in our communication.

Thanks! I will be in touch shortly to schedule our call.

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