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Gain Perspective and Save Money With Content Marketing Consulting

In 2018, a nonprofit called Entrust needed to revamp their content strategy.


Their marketing team was burned out by a grueling social media calendar and a full-length, monthly magazine. Their social posts were only reaching friends of employees, not the leadership experts the brand claimed they served. And even when visitors reached their website, they had no funnels to collect leads and develop relationships. 

As Assistant Director of Communications, I said, "Let's rethink our strategy and approach." After a thorough audit, I brought my plan to the annual, week-long communications meeting. Before the CEO, COO, and Communications Director, I recommended changes to our website, newsletter, social media, and lead funnels.

My content strategy refocused Entrust's content outreach on profitable audiences, positioned Entrust as a frontrunner in the faith-based leadership space, and noticeably improved employee morale. Read a testimonial here.

Best and Niche can deliver the same for your business.

TJ Neathery B&W CEO Headshot Best and Ni

So, how am I any different from other consultants?


Two words... strategic storytelling.


A Best and Niche content strategy pulls from my MFA in Creative Writing, a professional certificate in Strategic Management from Wharton Online, and one-on-one strategy experience with other business owners.

The Writing Workshop Model

I approach consulting from a writing workshop perspective. The workshop approach is simply this.

  • We begin with what's working with your brand. Let's focus on why customers love you and remain loyal to what you offer.

  • Then we move to what can be improved. How can we expand on the things that are working?

  • Finally, I recommend next steps. I want to provide you with practical action items you can take back to your team. I want you to realize actual improvement.

What to Expect

During our consulting relationship, you and I can:

  • Audit your brand and content to hi light key story elements and value-drivers

  • Discuss content marketing best practices

  • Effectively repurpose content from high-investment projects like videos, webinars, and podcasts

  • Simplify your content calendar so you know what to post and when to post it

  • Integrate existing content into funnels so that your content drives true value and sales for your organization.


Use the form below to tell me about your company and how you imagine developing your content strategy. If this is our first interaction, then I also want to offer you a free 45-minute consultation call!

3 Key Benefits

  • Reduce stress over how you should and shouldn't be communicating.

  • Come away with blueprints for longterm content marketing funnels (stop the endless cycle of content creation).

  • Improve your sales across the board by honing in on your unique value propositions.

Thanks! Message sent.

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