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Think Facebook and Google Ads are the same? Think again.

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Internet Ads. Online Ads. Pay per Click. Facebook Ads and Google Ads both fall into these categories. You might even notice that one platform works really well compared to the other. But if you’re using the same strategy for Facebook and Google, if you’re using the same copy for both ads, you’re doing it wrong.

The reason you’re doing it wrong is due to the difference between “browsing” and “searching.” On Facebook, people browse. On Google, people search. In other words, Facebook users scroll through their feeds looking for brief experiences. They’re expecting a laugh, or a nice memory, or a quick conversation in a photo’s comment section. Google users, for the most part, are task-based users. They are looking to access specific content.

Therefore, as small business marketers, we have to make sure our ads match the platforms we’re using.

Facebook ad example:

Best and Niche Marketing blogging ad
Video ad for Best and Niche Marketing

Here’s a recent Facebook ad for Best and Niche Marketing. You’ve probably seen videos like this before. Billy Gene makes videos like this. Or remember the Squatty Potty commercial? These videos feel more like viral Youtube cat videos than ads. They’re personal. They’re entertaining. They’re exciting or funny. The Call to Action isn’t placed at the very front of the ad. Why? Because Facebook is all about browsing.

While I attached a price tag to a clear call to action in this ad, I knew that wasn’t the ad’s main point. The main point of the ad was to brand the personality of my business. The sale could come during another interaction once people knew what I was all about.

Google ad example:

Now here’s a Google Shopping ad for a client I’m working with. This one is much more direct than the Facebook ad. We’ve included the camera make, product title, product type, and brand. This is all information that someone would search for when trying to make an informed purchase.

Think about it. What if you wanted to buy a new toaster and had to watch a two minute comedy sketch before you saw the price? That would be annoying. Search ads need to be direct and relevant.


Did this advice help you with your online ads? Let the rest of us know by posting a comment below!

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