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TJ Neathery, Best & Niche CEO

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Best and Niche Marketing

Best and Niche Marketing develops content strategies for startups and small business. Then we execute effective content campaigns that grow profits and audience engagement.


From your first landing page to the final follow up email, your customers should know who you are and how you make their lives better. They should know your story. They'll pay you for it, too.

Best and Niche Marketing is selective with our clients. Our partner companies are one of two things: you either have the potential to be the best in your niche or the potential to carve out a completely different space. Hence our name. We take on frontrunners in new and emerging product categories.

When you work with Best and Niche Marketing, you receive tailored strategies rooted in data and your unique brand and business model. We serve businesses in Colorado Springs, CO and beyond.

Not ready? Keep scrolling for a clearer picture of what we can offer you.

Best and Niche's Approach

  • Implement marketing campaigns that complement your business model

  • Build brand loyalty that drives new & repeat purchases.

  • Optimize websites to convert sales.

  • Simplify value propositions.

  • Adjust marketing goals based on data.

  • Analyze your business model to... 

    • expand existing client bases​

    • enter new revenue opportunities

  • Run campaigns for vanilla companies with low market potential

  • Implement random, schizophrenic marketing campaigns​

  • Design beautiful (ineffective) websites

  • Berate people with complicated text

  • Run campaigns based on our"gut"

  • Stick to tired, worn-out strategies

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Best and Niche's Services

Consulting Services

Marketing Services

  • Content strategies

  • Website analytics

  • Customer feedback campaigns

  • Public messaging and tone

  • Creative, cross-platform media

  • SEO Content

  • Email Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • Blogs

  • Conversion Optimization


"Sweat Equity" Marketing

Best and Niche Marketing treats certain clients like investment partnerships. We keep costs low to allow your business to grow without hiring a large marketing agency. As sales convert and profits rise, agreed-upon contract formulas kick in that up our compensation. Best and Niche Marketing reaps the benefits when you do. Not before. That's fair to everyone.


We see each client as a partnership. Contracts are long-term: at least six months in length. We want to win just as much as you do.

Marketing a la carte

We're full stack marketers (and care about organic search SEO in Colorado Springs, wink). But we also take on individual projects. Have a specific marketing project in mind? Pitch us! As a creative agency, we're always up for a challenge.


For ideas, check out the services list above. A la carte marketing is a great way to do a test run before committing to a long-term contract. 

Because of the limited nature of these projects, payment will be based on market rates, not an investment approach. 


If a marketing strategy works for Best and Niche Marketing, we're going to share it on our blog. It's called being a nice person. 

Check out the Best and Niche Marketing blog for resources, advice and articles on marketing strategy and ethical business. Then sign up for our newsletter. We'll let you know when new articles and resources are available.