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TJ Neathery CEO Best and Niche


Content strategies that turn strangers into digital friends of your brand. Easy!

TJ Neathery, Best & Niche Founder

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"Save time, money, and energy by repurposing

these 5 overlooked content gold mines."

Create social media posts, blog articles, and lead -generators using content you've already created!

Have you ever run an advertising / marketing campaign that didn't work?


I have and it doesn't feel good. You put together a list of awesome product features. You subscribe to a slick landing page service. You have a clear call to action: "Call today!"

And the response isn't what you hoped... "Why don't people see what they're missing?!?"

The problem with most marketing is that it's impatient. I get it, you need to hit revenue targets, land those clients, and share your services with the world.

But does this approach work in other areas of life? Is it best practice to hire as quickly as possible so you can maximize work output? Do your products turn out better when you rush development and assembly? 

Do you make friends by being pushy, impatient, and "sales-y?"

Think about it this way... 


You're sitting on your front porch and two people walk up. One is your best friend. The other is a complete stranger. They both ask to borrow your pickup truck to move apartments this weekend.


Who are you going to let borrow your truck?

 🙋‍♀️    🙋‍♂️    🚚


Your friend, of course! You share a history and trust. They've probably done a nice favor for you in the past, which means you're inclined to return the goodwill.

Most marketing campaigns are like strangers asking to borrow a pickup truck.


Even though you're "offering" a product or service, you're really just asking a stranger to do something for you, i.e., give you money.

Best and Niche Marketing is in the business of making friends. I like sharing free info on content marketing. I also like helping clients turn strangers into digital friends of their brands (which also grows their market shares and revenues). 


The reason I love content marketing is that content marketing gives more than it takes. Business is not a zero-sum game. We can all benefit when we openly share our knowledge, skills, and expertise.

Friendly Content Marketing

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